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Hello NOBMA Members,

In the recent Newsletter there was an error that needs to be corrected. In the discussion about area based calculations the letter stated “The remaining 63% of operators would stay the same with no changes or net gain” It should have stated: 63% of operators would stay the same or gain. The example that MNRF provided showed

* 31% of outfitters will gain VCs (Validation Certificates)

* 37 % will lose VCs

* 32% will stay the same

* 63% will stay the same or gain

I hope that this clears up the error and apologise for any confusion.

You can download the Spring 2023 Newsletter HERE!


E-Mail to NOBMA Members re 200 Metre Rule

Hello Fellow Bear Outfitters

NOBMA is happy to announce a small win for bear outfitters. Since the new baiting regulations were imposed in 2016, NOBMA has been pressuring Government to change to 200 meter rule to one that makes sense and would allow BMA operators more flexibility in operating their business.

NOBMA has had many meetings with MNRF Regional and Provincial staff where we presented written submissions on the problems and proposed solutions. In March of 2019 NOBMA Executive met with Minster of Natural Resources and Forestry John Yakabuski’s senior staff at Queens Park and discussed problems and proposed solutions. The 200 meter baiting rule was one of the items discussed at that meeting. NOBMA also submitted written solutions to the Minister.

On May 01, 2019 The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry posted ER 019-0022. A proposal to reduce the minimum distance requirement for the placement of bait from rights of way and trails for black bear hunting. The proposal is to reduce the minimum distance requirement for placement of bait from rights of way for public vehicular traffic and marked and maintained recreational trails for black bear hunting from 200 meters to 30 meters.

The efforts of NOBMA on your behalf have contributed to this proposed change and we encourage every member to support the MNRF and this proposal by giving your positive comments on line or in writing before the June 17 closing.

We believe that this is a positive first step but there is still more work to do. NOBMA will continue to work on your behalf to make changes that will benefit bear outfitters across Ontario.

Best Regards,


March 30, 2022
Hello NOBMA Members,

NOBMA has a new website! Your Executive have been working with a new supplier to update and upgrade our website. We are pleased with the new look and content, be sure to check it out at This year we have waived our membership fees again, it is a good time to let fellow outfitters who are not members of NOBMA know that they can join for free. Send them the link to the website and encourage them to join, the more members we have the more influence we will have as an organization in bear management issues.

By now you should have received a Black Bear Operators Survey in the mail. NOBMA Executive met with Natural Resources and Forestry officials and provided input into the development of this survey. Please take the time to complete the survey and mail it back before April 15, 2022. It is your opportunity to provide your thoughts and perspectives to Natural Resources and Forestry.

NOBMA has learned that Natural Resources and Forestry will be waiving Crown Resource Fees for 2022. The Government will provide financial relief by continuing to waive certain licences and rents, as well as refunding revenue received in 2022 for:

  • Licence to Provide Bear Hunting Services fees.
  • Bear Management Area fees (for land use associated with the Licence to Provide Bear Hunting Services).
  • Baitfish Harvester and Dealer Licence fees.
  • Baitfish Harvest Area fees (for use of harvesting area associated with the harvesting licence).
  • Land Use Fees for Outpost Camp permits or leases.

It is nice that the government is recognizing that the last few years have been very difficult for resource based tourism and are making efforts to help us make up for lost revenue.

Your NOBMA Executive hope that you have a safe and successful 2022 season.

Mickey Major, President
Northeastern Ontario Bear Management Association

Black Bear Operator Survey

Hi Mickey,

I just wanted to provide a quick update on the status of the Black Bear Operator Survey that was mailed out to all licensed black bear operators in the province on March 4th, 2022. As of April 7th, 2022, we have received just over 100 responses.

We appreciate the efforts you have made thus far in sharing the survey link and are hoping that you can continue to raise awareness amongst your members to encourage their participation in the survey before the deadline of April 15th, 2022. Recognizing this is a busy time of year for operators, but hoping we can hear from as many bear operators as possible.

As a reminder, operators can complete the survey:

Online at: , (use Google Chrome if possible, or copy and paste this link into the address bar of other web browsers) or
By mail – by returning the hardcopy survey they received in the mail (postage paid for return).

We greatly appreciate your input and assistance throughout this process.

If you or your members have any questions regarding the survey, please feel to reach out to Taylor Phillips (

Thanks so much,

Jamie Stewart
Wildlife Section
Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry
Peterborough, ON
(705) 760-0018


It is with great pleasure I announce to our members that Mr. Gary Couillard, Director and Secretary/Treasurer of the Northeastern Ontario Bear Management Association (NOBMA) has been appointed by the Honorable John Yakabuski, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry to the Big Game Management Advisory Committee of Ontario.

The committee’s function is: to provide advice to the Minister respecting policy and programs related to the management of species of big game in Ontario; to review and recommend changes to the allocation of hunting opportunities for big game as may be requested by the Minister; and to provide advice on such other matters as may be requested by the Minister.

The Lieutenant Governor in Council appoints up to 10 members, including the chair. The membership of BGMAC will be comprised of representatives from across Ontario with demonstrated knowledge and relevant experiences and interests to meet the mandate. This could include members who represent or have knowledge related to Ontario resident hunting, the tourism sector, big game science and conservation.

Gary has a wealth of knowledge to offer and will be a great representative for Ontario hunters in general and NOBMA members in particular.



On behalf of all our members I wish to congratulate Gary Couillard on his recent appointment to the ONTARIO MOOSE-BEAR ALLOCATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE (OMBAC). This is great news for the management of Moose and Black Bear in Ontario. Gary brings a wealth of knowledge to the OMBAC table. Gary’s appointment is also good news for NOBMA! OMBAC has often been refered to as the “Moose Committee”. However, once the spring Bear hunt pilot concludes we here at NOBMA feel OMBAC will be the place the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry will go for advice regarding Bear hunting and the outfitting industry in Ontario.


This section contains forms, information and links pertinent to our members.

2018 Jan. Black Bear Population Monitoring

2018 Jan. NOBMA - Barbed Wire Hair Trap Summary

2017 May Ontario Wildlife Food Survey Protocol


2017 April Managing black bears in Ontario

2016 Black Bear Hunter Survey Trends July 24, 2017

2014 Black Bear Ecological zones Feb 25, 2014

2010 Black Bear Population Objectives and Harvest Management Manual.pdf

2009 Framework for enhanced black bear management

2009 Framework for enhanced black bear management SUMMARY

2003 Black Bear Density Map

2003 Nuisance Bear Review Committee

2003 - 2013 Gov. Ont. Estimated black bear hunting activity harvest

1993 appendix 6 Black Bear Management Ontario Historical

Meeting Summary Yakabuski March 2 2020 Final

AGM Minutes & Meetings

2023 NOBMA Annual General Meeting January 14

2020 NOBMA Annual General Meeting January 22

2019 NOBMA Annual General Meeting January 21

2018 NOBMA Annual General Meeting January 15

2017 NOBMA Annual General Meeting January 16

NOBMA Executive Conference Call - March 2, 2023

Dr. Len Hunt Presentation to NOBMA

Response to Questions e mail

Important Information for BMA Outfitters from the MNRF
MNRF information on Bear Management

Proposal to reduce the minimum distance requirement for placement of bait from public roads and trails for black bear hunting

Members Info

Presidents Message 2019


NOBMA Comments to ERO


News Release Ford governments plan to modify Bear regulations


Decisions on proposed changes to black bear hunting and baiting regulations

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