Northeastern Ontario Bear Management Association

Serving the Outfitters of Northeastern Ontario

Welcome to the Northeastern Ontario Bear Management Association. We are an organized group of licenced professional Bear Management Area holders in Northeastern Ontario. Prior to our formation there was not a formal group to represent the concerns of BMA operators. Your membership and participation will add strength to the new voice of the BMA operators industry in Northeastern Ontario.

As an association we have identified a number of concerns that affect us and have presented those concerns MNRF.

Our primary concerns are:

  1. Allocation of Form 33's for 2019 and beyond.
  2. Non-resident property owners obtaining form 33’s valid for the entire WMU and non-residents who are immediate relatives of Ontario residents obtaining Form 33’s for the entire WMU.
  3. Non-licenced outfitters guiding resident hunters on Crown land and on private property in existing licensed BMA areas and their effect on bear populations.
  4. The Ontario Moose and Bear Allocation Advisory Committee (OMBAAC) and their effectiveness/input in bear management decisions in Northeastern Ontario.
  5. The new baiting regulations initiated in 2016 without industry consultation or notification. Of particular concern is the new 200 meter restriction on bait placement from a roadway and the definition of a roadway.
  6. Include Private land in BMA area calculations for form 33 allocation.
  7. That MNRF include NOBMA in the BMA allocation process.

As professional outfitters we are concerned with the sustainability of the bear population in Northeastern Ontario and want to work cooperatively with MNRF to develop a strategy that will allow our industry to flourish and provide economic and social benefit to Ontario while maintaining healthy bear populations.

Your support and added voice will benefit the association and all licenced BMA operators in Northeastern Ontario. If you would like more information please let me know.

Mickey Major,
Northeastern Ontario Bear Management Association